Ottawa G Test

Here is a list of things you should remember when you are taking the driving Ottawa Walkley G Road Test:

  • Be very familiar with the test route. You can find the map here
  • Always use the rightmost lane.  The examiner almost never tells you to do so.
  • Before each turn do the shoulder check. And you should sort of over exaggerate it so they know you remembered. 
  • You will be asked to merge to the Airport highway, remember to reach the speed of 80km/h before merging. 
  •  Try to practice the green/yellow lights to get comfortable about when to pass a yellow light and when to stop.
  • Always remember the signals!

During the test you will be asked to do the followings:

  • Answer a couple of questions like “have you ever driven in a highway?” (The right answer is yes btw)
  • Parallel parking (Part G in the map)
  • Passing an intersection with a stop sign (Part D)
  • Passing a traffic intersection (Bank/Wakley intersection)
  • Changing lanes in highway and residential areas (Part F and D)
  • Emergency stop (Part E)
  • Three-point turn (Part E)

Good Luck!

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