Ottawa G Test

Here is a list of things you should remember when you are taking the driving Ottawa Walkley G Road Test: Be very familiar with the test route. You can find the map here.  Always use the rightmost lane.  The examiner almost never tells you to do so. Before each turn do the shoulder check. And you should sort of over exaggerate… Continue reading Ottawa G Test

To be or not to be – answered by quantum computing

I have been thinking about quantum computing recently and I would like to share some talks and links here, so if you are new to this concept like me, have something to baffle your mind for a while. When we enter the world of subatomic particles, things begin to behave in different ways than our natural experiences. The particles can… Continue reading To be or not to be – answered by quantum computing

The New Promotional Video

School of Computer Science at Carleton University released a new promotional video highlighting “International Opportunities” of the department. The video features interviews with me and Anthony talking about our experiences as international students. The video is recorded back in 2015. When they asked me to be in the video I did not say yes at first.  I did not know what… Continue reading The New Promotional Video