Selected Publications

  • A. Nouri, A. Maheshwari and J.-R. Sack. Rectilinear Shortest Paths Among Transient Obstacles, submitted August 2018
  • A. Nouri, A. Maheshwari and J.-R. Sack. Time-Dependent Shortest Path Queries Among Growing Discs. Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry (CCCG 2018), submitted May 2018
  • A. Nouri, J.-R. Sack. Query shortest paths amidst growing discs, arXiv:abs/1804.01181, 2018;
  • Masoud Safilian, Sepehr Eghbali, Aliakbar Safilian, and Arash Nouri. Probabilistic roadmap planner with adaptive sampling based on clustering, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics, Paper No. 173, 2015
  • A. Nouri and A. Mohades. Chain Visibility in a Simple Polygon. Proc. of 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Computer and Information Sciences (CICIS 2011), pp. 56-60, 2011
  • B. Kouhestani, M. Asgaripour, S. Mahdavi, A. Nouri and A. Mohades: Visibility Polygons in the Presence of a Mirror Edge. Proc. EuroCG’10, pp. 237-240, 2010

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